• Azure DevOps Self-service Team Configuration

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    One of my favorite things is automating processes so you will comply to governance and guidelines set by an organization, and you don’t have to keep repeating manual steps. This week I created a PowerShell script, as part of a self-service Azure DevOps solution, to update team configuration settings for Azure DevOps teams.

  • Power App Starter Kit

    Power Platform Portfolio
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    Take a look at my starter kit for rapid canvas app development, with a customizable theme design, fly-out menu, pop-up dialog, panel, coachmark and much more.

  • Teams Governance App

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    At many companies, Microsoft Teams is not being used to its full potential regarding team collaboration. Often organizations don’t even allow self-serviced team creation, because they fear the consequences of everything that will be created, without compromising security, compliance, and retention policies.

  • Microsoft Intune Plugin

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    The main purpose for the Endpoint Application Management (EAM) plugin is to fill the gap between deploying applications from Microsoft Intune and keeping them up to date.

  • Azure DevOps Wiki Export Utility

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    This wiki export utility converts an Azure DevOps Wiki to a PDF file, publishes it on SharePoint Online, and makes it available through Microsoft Teams.

  • Azure DevOps Adoption

    DevOps Portfolio

    Implementing a DevOps environment leaves a lot to juggle, so you should aim to provide a first class implementation and adoption through clear communication and expectations.

  • Welcome to my blog


    Hi there, my name is Martin Swinkels and I remotely collaborate with teams on Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Power Platform and I’m specialized in designing and building solutions on Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, and Microsoft Power Platform, focused on process automation and productivity, for business and development teams.

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